Soh koh by nai tailed fox-d8va1nv
(リトルグレイ·フォックス) Little Grey Fox
Manga *Not Released*
Anime *Not Released*
Status Deceased
Birthdate April 27
Age 8 years old (when deceased)

15 years old

Zodiac Taurus
Gender Male
Classification Nine-Tailed Fox
Affiliation Unspecified
Hierarchy - - -
Natural Type
  • Time
  • Space
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Spirit
  • Thunder
  • Ocean






Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals
0 3 0 4.5 3 3.5 2 0



Creation and Conception



  • Useru, (失せる) meaning "Vanish" in Japanese. Useru's mother knew already that her children would be the finish line of a prophecy slowly unfolding. It was a prophecy that predicted her first child's insanity and bloodlust, her second child's destiny to live up to their name's meaning, absent, and her third child's death.


  • (To Nai, in the spirit world) "I wouldn’t be surprised if one day my head decides to abandon my body and float up to the clouds. I am too whimsical, even for my own imagination."
  • (To Nai, in the spirit world) "Remember yourself as a little girl, she is counting on you to protect her!"
  • "I’m not the type of person to give up on someone. Yes, sometimes I get really mad and upset so I need a minute to cool off but I’ll never abandon you. I don’t leave people. And I think that’s why it always hurts so bad when people leave me. Because I can’t fathom leaving you."
  • (To Kiru) "The world is filled with nice people. If you can’t find one, be one!"
  • "It’s okay to be sensitive to something, just don’t let the feeling own you."
  • "All human souls hold the same value, whoever thinks else wise must be cursed by a poor heart or a poisoned mind."
  • "Home isn't a place, it's a feeling."
  • "No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for."
  • (To Nai) "You are so brave and quiet.. I sometimes forget you are suffering, too."

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